Creativity that connects: to self, to others, to the world, to a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Karen Nebe has spent the course of her life and career thoughtfully heading in a direction that has arrived at a definitive destination, encompassing all of her passion and talent. This is shaped partly in her own work as an artist, and partly through her work in assisting people in finding their original voice through creative expression.

Artist Cape TownArtist

Karen Nebe’s ceramic sculptures and vessels reveal her personal journey toward her true optimistic, expressive and spontaneous self. In all she does, she invites people to live with inspiration.

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Creative guide Cape TownCreative Guide

Creative Guiding is a unique tool for self-development that uses various forms of creative expression to connect to our own inner playfulness and potential – a self-authored process that works for individuals, groups or corporates looking for new approaches and solutions.

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